Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro, presented by Maxxis introduces Sport Division for new racers!

The Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro, presented by Maxxis has announced a new “Sport” Division for all 2019 BME events.  Due to the demand of new racers looking to enter the sport of enduro and compete in major events, this category will provide racers an opportunity to ride the same courses as the Pros and Amateurs, with trail adjustments made to offer less technically and physically demanding stages, while still delivering the world-class racing experience and camaraderie that the BME community is known for.

In an effort to make the enduro racing experience more approachable, the new Sport Division has been created to truly maximize the “cost to fun ratio”, and lower the barrier of entry for riders interested in getting their feet wet in enduro racing. With a lower price point and less travel time required, BME hopes to introduce mountain bikers and first-time racers to the sport, while providing challenging courses at epic destination venues that will test your limits and leave you tired, yet eager for more.

At all BME events in 2019, the Sport Division will have one full day of practice and one day of racing within the overall event weekend schedule, providing plenty of time for racers to familiarize themselves with the courses and get sufficient practice before race day. The schedule will also allow new riders a chance to watch and learn from some of the best enduro racers in North America.

During two-day race weekends, Sport Division racers will practice on Saturday, and race on Sunday, minimizing the amount of travel time required to attend the events. These races include Santa Fe, Big Sky, and Aspen.

For one-day events, Winter Park and Telluride, racers will have practice on Friday, and racing on Saturday.

In order to consistently produce world class events for our racers and maintain trail quality, the race capacity for each event has been capped at 400 racers. We have added 50 race entries available for the Sport Division at each BME event, first come, first serve.

At BME, we will continue to drive the growth and evolution of Enduro Mountain Bike racing, and we hope to see a lot of new faces this summer!

Visit the Big Mountain Enduro schedule page for more information and register today!

Photo: @natalierstarr