BME Vail, CO:

The BME Vail stop is going to be held during the Vail GoPro Mountain Games in Eagle, CO on June 9th. This one-day Enduro will test riders’ fitness, technical skills, and drive. Whether you’re new to the discipline or are a seasoned competitor, riders should look forward to this gritty trail ride in the singletrack utopia of Eagle, CO just 30 minutes west of Vail.

Riders can expect 4,000 vertical feet of descending and over 25 miles of total riding with four timed stages covering 6+ miles of screaming downhill. The Eagle trail system is unique, with over 100 miles of singletrack. Built with all levels of riders in mind, your ride will take you over a variety of winding singletrack through high desert, aspen groves and dense, fragrant evergreen forests. The town-owned open space trails are open April 15-December 15 every year. BLM trails such as Boneyard, Redneck Ridge and the first 2 loops of the Haymaker Trail stay open year-round. Eagle is located directly off I-70, just 30 minutes west of Vail, making it a top Colorado riding destination.

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