Big Mountain Enduro Brings World Series to U.S.

The Big Mountain Enduro (BME) series has entered its third year in 2014, its second under the ownership of Brandon Ontiveros. The BME has seen some of the stiffest competition and tightest racing of any U.S.-based enduro series, and this year it brought competitors to Snowmass, Durango, and Keystone, Colorado; Moab, Utah; and for the series finale Crested Butte, Colorado. (read more...)

The Coming of Age for America's Enduro: 5 Big Days in Colorado's Backcountry

Behind every great event is a story. It typically starts with a single idea, is fueled by unwavering passion, and along the way it requires a bit of dogged determination to turn the dream into a reality. (read more...)

Crested Butte Magazine: Churn, Burn & Turn

Mountain bikers from all around the world will pedal up and race down the valley’s classic trails in the five-day, cutting edge Crested Butte Ultra Enduro. (read more...)

Crested Butte: The Evolution of a Mountain Bike Mecca

These days, there are more and more great destinations worth visiting with your mountain bike in tow. However, growing up in Colorado, I always knew of Crested Butte as the place to head to for a true mountain bike getaway. (read more...)

Bicycling Magazine: A Race for the Rest of Us

With a social vibe and a format that emphasizes fun over fitness, enduro mountain bike races are swelling in popularity. Here are five of our favorites. (read more...)

Decline Magazine: There's a reason its called The Whole Enchilada; Big Mountain Enduro Finals in Moab

Everyone who set out to race enduro this year found themselves vying for a spot on the iconic Whole Enchilada, part of the two-day format that marked the finals for the Big Mountain Enduro Series and North American Enduro Tour (N.A.E.T.) For many this was (read more...)

Decline Magazine Oct 2013
Decline Magazine: Big Mountain Enduro Mid-Season Recap

In a year when Enduro has been stealing the limelight from all other disciplines of mountain bike racing, the Big Mountain Enduro Series has stood center stage in the U.S. The series was conceived in 2012 with three stops, including the World-acclaimed Whole Enchilada. Since last fall it has evolved into five events, each with a considerable Pro payout for deeper competition. (read more...)

Decline Magazine: Big Mountain Enduro Lays It All Out for 2013

Enduro racing has been the hot ticket in the race biosphere since the industry caught wind of what the euros have been dabbling in over the last decade. from bike park-inspired enduros that access man-made terrain purposed for technical and flowy riding by lift, to raw backcountry stages that require more endurance, enduro has everything (read more...)

Mountain Flyer Magainze: Enduros Set the Pace for Trail Advocacy

As the van skidded to a stop at the top of Geyser Pass, the early morning sun gleamed through a thick patch of clouds. Racers eagerly piled their way out of the shuttle vans. Excitement buzzed as 150 riders prepped themselves for a ground-breaking event on the world renowned Whole Enchilada Trail in Moab, Utah. (read more...)

Dirt Rag Magazine: All Eyes on Enduro

Mountain biking’s next era is here, and you can feel it. “Enduro” is the buzzword that has stormed the industry, infiltrating the vocabulary of the media, sparking the interest of sponsors, and packing athletes’ race schedules for the year. Most of us are familiar with what an enduro race looks like, but the big questions are, is there a common definition of enduro, where is it going, and what does it mean for mountain bikers in an ever-changing landscape of racing? (read more...)