Pinning to the Finish at Evolution Bike Park: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro, Day 5

The most physically demanding stages were over: it was literally all downhill from here. But racing full-blown DH trails–one of which was rated a double black diamond–on a 140mm trail bike presents its own set of challenges. While I was excited to get a lift to the top of the mountain, and to go home and drink some beer afterward, my nerves started to get jittery as I pulled into the parking lot at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR). (read more...)

Racing the Green Lake Trail: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro, Day 4

We began the day by pedaling up Kebler Pass road, turning off after only a few miles onto the Carbon Trail. If you’ve been reading along over the course of the past three days, you probably know what’s coming next: a heinously-steep, washed-out, hike-a-bike climb. (read more...)

Channeling Danny Hart During Day 3 of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

As I slipped and skimmed over endless root webs in a waterfall section of trail below the boughs of a stand of tall pine trees, I felt like a downhill racer in the world cup, channeling Danny Hart’s muddy mountain biking prowess. (read more...)

Long Miles, Huge Climbs, and Fast Descents During Day 2 of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

My alarm buzzed loudly on the plastic side table, and I bolted upright out of my sleeping bag. “What’s going on?” I thought. “Is someone calling me? Is there some kind of emergency?” (read more...)

Conquering the 5-Day Crested Butte Ultra Enduro: Day 1

The build up to this day was incredible. It all started back during the cold winter months when I first heard about a five-day enduro race in Crested Butte. (read more...)

Photo Epic: Big Mountain Enduro Hits The Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

Five days in the back country surrounding Crested Butte for the BME Ultra Enduro meant one heck of a great race. (read more...)

Photo Gallery: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 5

In a preview of the what will be the 2015 U.S. stop of the Enduro World Series, Crested Butte, Colorado, served up five challenging days of racing which wrapped up Sunday. The final day of the Big Mountain Enduro Crested Butte Ultra Enduro saw racers tackle three stages at Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s Evolution Bike Park. (read more...)

Race Report: Final Day, Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

A lot of words can be used to describe the five day Ultra Enduro in Crested Butte, Colorado. Awesome. Difficult. Beautiful. Challenging. Ask any racer and you will probably hear more descriptors. One that comes to my mind is “Inspiring.” (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro - Final Day

While the first four days of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro were far in the backcountry, today was held entirely in the bike park. While the trails may have not been as epic, or unique, as the previous four days, the level of racing certainly elevated to a new level. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 5 Recap

With 3 stages on Crested Butte’s Evolution Bike Park, Day 5 confronted riders with a mental game: Pushing to gain seconds on each short and technically challenging stage could buy a spot or two in the overall but one get-off, smashed wheel, or broken body part could negate the previous seven stages of hard work. (read more...)

Race Report: Day 4, Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

The penultimate day for Crested Butte Ultra Enduro was one stage only, the Green Lake trail. A slightly easier day, in preparation for a big final day, which will happen at Evolution Bike Park, Crested Butte resort. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro - Day 4 of 5

No shuttles today, on the fourth day of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro, but with punchy climbs and one ripping descent, we were all panting at the finish. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 4 Recap

With his second stage win in the last two days, Jerome Clementz appears to be riding himself into form at the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro but with Ross Schnell 33 seconds ahead and his teammate Marco Osborne with just over a l minute safety net, he’ll need to work some magic in tomorrow’s stage to gain any ground in the overall. (read more...)

Photo Gallery: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Days 3 and 4

While Bud Light was unleashing its kitschy Whatever, USA, cheap-beer-fueled ad campaign on the streets of Crested Butte, there was some more productive activity taking place on the trails that surround this picturesque Colorado mountain town. (read more...)

Race Report: Day 3, Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

Lots of rain overnight caused the elimination of one stage on Day 3 of the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro. Racers may have lost the Waterfall Creek Trail, but they also gained a bit of time in the afternoon to recover from the first three days efforts. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro - Day 3 of 5

As It had rained all night on the trails, leaving them in a greasy peanut-butter-like state. Today was going to be wild to say the least! (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 3 Recap

Day 3 was set to be the hardest of the five day event with two large climbs and three technical descents over 27 miles of steep terrain. But, for better or for worse, Mother Nature gave racers a reprieve in the form of soaking rains all Thursday night. (read more...)

Photo Gallery: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 2

The five-day Crested Butte Ultra Enduro rolled on Thursday with two more special stages, including the famed Doctor’s Park descent. (read more...)

Race Report: Day 2, Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

The day started off in stunning fashion in Crested Butte, CO. With the legs being shaken out yesterday with a huge first day of pedaling to wake everyone up, it was now time to really see who was was here to race. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro - Day 2 of 5

As I rolled out of bed at 6:30 this morning, I couldn’t help but feel the effects from the previous day’s efforts. We had in fact ridden 30-plus miles, climbed over 6,000 feet, raced flat-out, lung-burning stages for almost 30 minutes, and battled with the altitude and sun. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 2 Recap

At the end of four stages and two colossal days of racing, Kathy Pruitt and Marco Osborn held on to the overall lead at the Crested Butte Ultra Enduro. (read more...)

Photo Gallery: Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 1

The five-day Crested Butte Ultra Enduro kicked off Wednesday in the Colorado high country with two special stages and whole ton of climbing in between. Peak elevation for the day was well above 12,000 feet. (read more...)

Race Report: Day 1, Crested Butte Ultra Enduro

Today was a big day at the Crested Butte 5 Day Ultra Enduro. Sort of a shake down day, in my opinion. Eliminate some of the people who aren’t fit enough for the win. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro - Day 1 of 5

The adventure had been laid out before us: five days of riding around the burly mountains surrounding Crested Butte is no easy task. Throw in racing stages, going absolutely flat-out on top of that, and you have one tall order. (read more...)

Crested Butte Ultra Enduro Day 1 Recap

With 5,896 feet of climbing and 6,621 feet of descending over 27.4 miles, day one of the Crested Butte Enduro was no prologue. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro #4 - Moab, UT

While the weather didn’t always play nice this weekend in Moab, it was still a great time for racing. (read more...)

Race Report: Big Mountain Enduro, Moab, UT

Even when Mother Nature throws some pretty serious curve balls, it’s hard to keep a good race down. (read more...)

Photos and Results from the Big Mountain Enduro Series Finale in Moab

Despite having to postpone the race a day to Sunday and shortening the course to just include Burro Pass and Hazard County, the Big Mountain Enduro Series Finale in Moab this past weekend was still a great success! (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro #3 - Keystone, CO

Big Mountain Enduro #3 went off in Keystone, Colorado this weekend. (read more...)

Race Report: Rocks, Roots, and Full Face Helmets During Big Mountain Enduro: Keystone 2014

It would be hard to imagine a race more radically different from Big Mountain Enduro’s 2nd stop in Durango than BME’s 3rd stop in Keystone. Looking at the Keystone course map, gone were the epic uphill pedal transitions, replaced with rides up the chairlift. And everything else was just downhill. (read more...)

Photo Report: Big Mountain Enduro, Round 3, Day 2

Day 2 at Keystone Resort for Round #3 of the Big Mountain Enduro was another action packed day. Intensity was high and the effects of racing on the most physical, rowdy course, at high altitude, on Day 1, were taking their toll on all competitors. But it’s always the case in racing, especially with this brutal of a course, that nothing is over until the final bell. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro #3 Keystone, Colorado - Day 1 Photos

Day 1 of racing the Big Mountain Enduro Keystone was never short of rugged, physical terrain. It took it’s toll, with many very experienced racers taking hard crashes. But they rise to fight tomorrow, with a whole new set of challenges. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro 2 - Durango, CO

BME stop 2 was a hit in Durango, Colorado as racers took in the elevation and great tracks this weekend. Our man Devon Balet was on the ground to cover the event, so enjoy all his action shots from Durango. (read more...)

Race Report: The Meaning of Gnar, and Brutal Southwest Sun During BME Durango, Day 2

The more stages I race, the more I realize what enduro racing is all about: versatility, of both the rider and the bike. (read more...)

Race Report: Taxing High Alpine Climbs and Punishing Descent During BME Durango, Day 1

As soon as the map and elevation profiles for the Durango stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series were released, I knew that this event would be radically different than the Snowmass stop: the first day alone boasted over 22 miles of riding. (read more...)

Race Recap: Big Mountain Enduro #2 Durango, CO

Racing the Big Mountain Enduro is not for the faint of heart or unprepared. But the rewards are so worth it. (read more...)

Results: Big Mountain Enduro Round 2 - Durango

Durango hosted the second round of the Big Mountain Enduro and some familiar names were at the top of the results list. (read more...)

Preview: Big Mountain Enduro Durango Race

Whether you loved Raider’s Ridge from Day 2 of the 2013 Durango Big Mountain Enduro, or not, the organizers are continuing to evolve the race courses for 2014 on both days, to integrate new trails into the mix and participant feedback from last year. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro: Stop 1 - Snowmass, CO

The Big Mountain Enduro (BME) Series kicked off at Snowmass, Colorado, on the weekend and with close to an hour of timed racing, it was a beast of a course. (read more...)

Race Report: Big Mountain Enduro Snowmass 2014, Day 2

Day 2 dawned bright and sunny, and with an hour-earlier start time plus a climb to get to the starting line, the time it took to tear down camp, mess around with bikes, and get ready saw us arriving at the resort at the supposed pro start time. (read more...)

Race Report: Big Mountain Enduro Snowmass 2013, Day 1

“Dude, I think my goal will be to make it through this weekend without breaking this rental bike,” said my friend Max. (read more...)

Race Report: Big Mountain Enduro #1 Snowmass, CO

Colorado enduro racing kicked off it’s summer campaign at Snowmass, CO with Round 1 of the Big Mountain Enduro. New men and women BME winners were crowned in both Pro classes. (read more...)

Results: Big Mountain Enduro Round 1 - Snowmass

The Big Mountain Enduro (BME) Series kicked off at Snowmass, Colorado, on the weekend and with close to an hour of timed racing, it was a beast of a course. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro promises big backcountry racing

Big Mountain Enduro is throwing down the largest-scale enduro this side of the pond September 3-7, 2014 in Crested Butte, Colorado. (read more...)

Big Mountain Enduro is Coming

Big Mountain Enduro Series kicks off season with back-to-back stops in Snowmass and Durango. (read more...)

RACE REPORT 2014: Outside-Endorsed Races

Outside Magazine puts together their top races in the country that test your fitness, endurance, and attitude. The Moab Big Mountain Enduro makes the cut. (read more...)

Enduro Mag: BIG MOUNTAIN ENDURO – 2014 Dates

Big Mountain Enduro is excited to announce the official schedule for 2014. Online registration will open on Wednesday, January 15, 2014. (read more...)

Enduro Mag Issue #007: This is Enduro - Big Mountain Enduro Series 2013

Pshhhh-schussss. The sound of tires rolling over refrozen ice-mud at high speed. Is this enduro? I guess. Holy hot. Wow, I feel the lone bead of sweat dripping down my neck. Canyon walls bouncing the heat (read more...)

Enduro Mag: Photo Essay: Big Mountain Enduro Finals in Moab, Utah

The Big Mountain Enduro held its fifth and final stop in Moab, Utah, which also served as the finals for the North American Enduro Tour (N.A.E.T.) The biggest names (read more...)

Teton Gravity Research: High Fives - Brandon Ontiveros

Enduro racing, which started in France, is blowing up this summer. From Tahoe to Taos, bikers are rallying for weekend-long, multi-stage bike races. And Brandon Ontiveros, who started the Oregon Enduro and (read more...)

VitalMTB Keystone Race Report
Vital Race Report: North American Enduro Tour/Big Mountain Enduro - Keystone, CO

With a new-found, full-time position in the marketing department at Yeti, this may be one of the first seasons where I won’t be attending a race every (read more...)

Pinkbike: Big Mountain Enduro 3 Keystone - Day 1 Recap

The Big Mountain Enduro Series has created quite a stir this season, with three events within three weeks of each other the beginning of the season to lay (read more...)

VeloNews Keystone Gallery
Enduro Mag Issue #003: Ride, Pray, Love. Statements 2013

The 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series presented by Yeti Cycles is shaping up to be one of the premier enduro events in the world. Some of our key highlights for the season will be adding more epic venues to the series, offering (read more...)

Vital Crest Butte Gallery
Vital: BME Crested Butte Photo and Video Gallery

The 2013 Big Mountain Enduro series continued with racing in the MTB mecca of Crested Butte, Colorado this past weekend. Riders competed across 6 stages (read more...)

Pinkbike: BME 2 - Crested Butte Results

Two days, six stages, and a diverse mix of wildflower bound singletrack and technical stages in Evolution Bike Park put riders through the test in the second round of the Big Mountain Enduro in Crested Butte June 29-30. (read more...)

BikeMag: Big Mountain Enduro, Crested Butte, Begins

The second stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series begins today in Crested Butte, Colorado. The 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series consist of five events (read more...)

Pinkbike: Big Mountain Enduro 1 - Angel Fire/Taos

BME #1, Angel Fire/Taos shuttled racers into the backcountry and up the longest lift in the U.S. for two days, five stages, and countless rock gardens at (read more...)

BikeMag: Nine Questions for Brandon Ontiveros

If you haven’t heard of enduro racing by now, you have some serious catching up to do. The European-rooted race discipline is sweeping across North (read more...)

Enduro Mag: 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series - Get Ready!

Get ready for Big Mountain Enduro Action! The registration of the Big Mountain Enduro Series 2013 has opened January 28, 2013. (read more...)

Mountain Flyer Magazine: Big Mountain Enduro Series Kick-Off Party

The Big Mountain Enduro Series is launching the opening of its long awaited registration with a kick-off (read more...)

BikeMag: World-Class Enduro Racing Comes to the Rockies

The 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series will encompass over 45,000 vertical feet of descending world-class singletrack over the course of a season that will include (read more...)

Mountain Flyer Magazine: Big Mountain Enduro Goes Even Bigger in 2013

Enduro continues to be the most talked about topic in the industry on both a national and international scale. As racers start planning their schedules for next (read more...)

Enduro Mag: 2013 Racing Dates

2013 is the year of enduro racing! Besides the new Enduro World Series there are many more amazing races being held all over the world. (read more...) Moab's Whole Enchilada

If Moab is so well known for mountain biking, then why do some riders come back talking about the great Mexican food? We are accustomed to hearing tall tales of riding exposed slivers of redrock-embedded (read more...) Going for the Whole Enchilada

These are exciting times for mountain bike racing. While they are tumultuous times for cycling as a whole, there are some great things happening within the sport of mountain biking. The new shorter course World Cup (read more...)

Dirt Rag Race Report: The Whole Enchilada, Moab

Moab is an odd place. There are a lot of mountain bikers, ATVs, 4x4s, and hikers for obvious reasons, but there are also a lot of folks who look like extras from “Cocoon” walking around town. It makes for a strange (read more...)