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What to expect at a Big Mountain Enduro event:

This popular international format of racing encourages spectators and sponsors alike to catch the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled action of all-mountain riding at its finest. It’s not about who is the first to the climb, or who can drop the sickest line, but rather the best all-around trail rider that can tackle any type of terrain, the fastest. Enduro racing turns an epic all day ride into the ultimate test of fitness and technical skills, while also giving participants a chance to ride many of the best trails in each respective area.

A Big Mountain Enduro race is best described as an epic trail ride in amazing locations, where you’re timed only on big descents and the most fun parts of each trail system (special stages). BME events occasionally integrate some lift-accessed stages to truly showcase the most challenging trails in each host location and to maximize the vertical descending at each event. Expect BME races to combine true backcountry stages that require riders to have moderate to excellent fitness, thus balancing out the competition for both physically fit and technically skilled riders.

As the horizons of racing continue to broaden, the multi-day, multi-stage, enduro format speaks to all riders; spandex, baggies and full-faced. It captures the attention of the media with images of destination riding, full-on adventures, spectacular scenery and the excitement and glory that goes hand-in-hand with racing on big descents that you can’t get anywhere else. As the premier event series in North America, the BME also hosts the only US stop on the Enduro World Series (EWS) tour for three consecutive years running.


The Big Mountain Enduro owns and manages state of the art timing systems powered by Sport iDent, that will be a vital element to the reliability and accuracy of each race and the overall rider experience. Expect to see a combination of high speed chip technology software systems, along with active card readers and live data check-point systems that are more effective for backcountry stages, ultimately delivering a world-class race experience and accurate and timely results for all riders.

Series Format & Point Structure:

The 2017 Big Mountain Enduro consists of three “series points” events – Santa Fe,NM,  Crested Butte, CO and Mt. Rainier, WA. The BME Aspen Snowmass EWS stop will not count towards BME series points, nor will Mascota, Mexico. Each BME event will include four to eight timed stages over the course of one to three days. Each timed (special) stage will be ran as an individual time trial format. There will also be untimed transition (liaison) stages that require pedaling to the next stage or via shuttle. The racer with the fastest cumulative time, will win the event and take home crucial series points where applicable.

The Big Mountain Enduro series overall title will be awarded to the athlete with the most points after the final round in Mt. Rainier, WA. The overall winner of the BME series will be titled the Big Mountain Enduro Series Overall Champion. All three core rounds of the BME (Santa Fe, Crested Butte & Mt. Rainier) will count towards the overall points and rankings and based on the following point structure system. Each event is worth up to 400 points. Full Series Points Table available in Appendix 1 of the Downloadable PDF.


  • Open Professional Men*
  • Open Professional Women*
  • Vet Expert Men 30+
  • Amateur Men 21-39
  • Master Men 40+*
  • Amateur Women 21-39
  • Master Women 40+
  • U21 Men*
  • U21 Women*
  • Youth Men 10-16 “Groms”

*EWS Categories* Riders with an EMBA membership will be eligible for overall 2017 EWS points

Series Rules:

The beauty of Enduro racing is that it brings us all back to the roots of mountain biking. It is ungoverned, unregulated and each event capitalizes on what it has to offer naturally. And we at BME want to keep it that way. That said, we feel it is in the best interest and safety of all of our competitors to have a few rules in place to make sure competition is fair, friendly and there are no communication gaps.

You can download a PDF of the Big Mountain Enduro Series Rules here. They have been updated for the year, so please be sure to read them before signing off on your waivers. If you have any further questions, please email us at